About Adore Nature

Providing Plastic Alternatives Since 2018

At Adore Nature, we believe in providing products to everyone that are not only good for their personal health, but also the health of our environment.  By offering alternatives to single-use plastics, and reducing the number of harmful chemicals, we believe we can make a difference.

About Our Founder

Kathy Hugill formed Adore Nature with the idea that access to non-plastic alternatives to everyday items shouldn’t be difficult. By researching worldwide to see what was available to consumers like herself, Kathy realised that many eco-friendly cosmetics and household items weren’t easily accessible, especially not in a one-stop-shop environment. She’s a firm believer that natural products have many more benefits than the majority of commercial products currently available, and that we can make beautiful, natural products that will benefit our bodies and minds without harmful chemicals.

Why Choose Adore Nature?

Its all too easy to produce products with low-cost plastics and ingredients that destroy our oceans and forest, filling landfill to breaking point. Adore Nature sources the best on the market giving you higher quality products, made from all-natural ingredients that will have your senses bursting.  Even better, we make sure it’s easily accessible in one place.

Plastics and chemicals have become the norm, and we all use them without actually knowing the long-term side effects.  At Adore Nature, we want to reverse this and only offer natural, quality ingredients, without any of the harmful materials.

Adore Nature will only offer products that will benefit you and the environment. Our products are about giving you the very best, rather than banking on big brands. Why accept the norm when you can have much more for your health, money, and the environment?

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