Our Ethos

Why We do What We Do

Between five and ten million tonnes of plastic leaks into the oceans every year, and by 2050 it is believed that there will be more plastic in our oceans than fish. Plastic never decomposes, it just breaks into smaller parts which is then eaten by fish, and enters the food chain.

Our governments are slowly starting to take notice, raising taxes on single-use products with the realisation that countries like China and India are closing their borders to our waste, which is currently sitting on foreign soil without any means of safe destruction. 

Most of our recycling plants are unable to meet the demands of our throwaway culture, and plastics end up in landfill, making its way into our oceans. The only way to combat this issue is to reduce or entirely stop using the plastics on which we’ve become so reliant. Plastic is easily accessible as its cheap, and the commercial markets are reluctant to use more environmentally friendly products as it eats into their profits.

Many commercial brands use harmful chemicals in their products which can cause health issues over years of use. We believe in offering only natural, healthy products to help tackle the issues caused by the currently available, mainstream, low-quality products.  We aim to increase awareness that natural products not only help reduce the risk of product-related health issues but also last longer than the products currently available on the market. Big brands develop their products for profit, so you have to purchase more regularly.  They’re not made to last. 

All our products are long-lasting, natural products, vegan, and animal-friendly which means we are offering luxury and everyday items which really should be the ‘must haves’ in your life.  Why compromise on inferior products? Our cosmetics are handmade with care and time, we can even create items bespoke to your needs and tastes.

Marine life in Cyprus is taking a hammering from all our waste, especially the turtles that can be seen almost every day while snorkelling in the local bays. These beautiful creatures are essential to our ecosystem and also highlight the natural beauty that Cyprus has to offer. 

Turtles are continually battling against our floating plastic bags which look like jellyfish. The everyday items that we take for granted, like the fruit and veg bags we pick up in supermarkets, fishing lines, and other single-use plastics blow into the sea, which turtles can consume and get tangled up!   If we protect ourselves against plastics, then we protect nature.  We’re all in this together.