Ladybirds Stitches Plastic Free Hair Scrunchies 3 Pack


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Up-Cycled fabric plastic hair scrunchies make the most effect way to keep your hair secure without having the pull effect that commercial plastic scrunchies have.

Ladybirds Stitches handcraft their scrunchies with up-cycled fabrics and natural rubber to offer a complete biodegrable product.

All products from Ladybirds Stitches are handcrafted in the UK and fabric patterns may vary as the fabric is up-cycled.

Who is LadyBirds Stitches:   

The wonderful Aimee and her mother ‘Sue’ started LadyBirds Stitches when Aimee became a first time mother just before the first lockdown hit, Aimee wanted high quality reusable and ecofriendly products for her own child but found many were expensive and not up to her high expectations so decided to start LadyBirds Stitches based in Burstall Suffolk.

With all LadyBird Stitches you’ll be amazed by the high quality materials and workmanship that has gone into this products, beautiful patterns and just prefect for the environment and your purse. 


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