Marley’s Monsters Reusable Cloth Sample Set


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The Marley’s Monsters Reusable Cloth Sample Set includes: 

  • 5 facial rounds
  • 6 cloth wipes and
  • 3 unpaper towels

All in a variety of mixed solids. 


12″ x 10″  100% cotton flannels,  the perfect replacement for paper towels and paper napkins. Add a little fun to your daily household chores with this great addition to your ecofriendly household!
Unpaper towels are 1 ply.


8″ x 7″ 100% cotton flannel. They are multifunctional and can be used as napkins, tissues, toilet paper, washcloths, baby wipes, etc.They are great to have around for any application.

Cloth wipes are 1 ply.


3″ x 3″ 100% cotton flannel. These are great to replace cotton balls or facial rounds. Use them for your facial routine, first aid, or baby care.

Facial rounds are 2 ply.

Edges on all cloths are serged for durability and to prevent fraying.
Cloths are made in Eugene Oregon.

Additional information

Weight 0.036 kg
Dimensions 7 × 7 × 16 cm
Washing Instructions

Machine wash warm with like colors, dry in dryer.
Cloths are not pre-washed, so expect some shrinkage.


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