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Olive oil is a well-known constituent of the salubrious Mediterranean diet – it is high in monosaturates, high in antioxidants and high in vitamins A and E. It is completely, naturally, free of cholesterol. Their batches come from the freshest Messinian mountain olives and are pressed only once to ensure that all of their oil maintains every last little bit of the good stuff, and remains wholly undiluted until it reaches you!

Pure Extra Virgin Olive Oil from our family farm in Messinia, Greece. This oil is cold-pressed, without the use of heated machinery and is simply 100% crushed olives from the recent harvest.

The Honest Toil ethos combines naturalness and simplicity to provide, for your enjoyment, an indisputably fine grade of Greek olive oil.

If you are quite particular and know your olive oils then you wont be disappointed with the high quality and amazing fresh tasting olive oil, this olive oil is a huge recommendation. 

If you order online to be delivered please ensure you purchase the glass bottle separately so we can transport it, if however you want to refill in our shop and want to click and collect please bring in your refillable bottles.



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